How to Get Your Work Published in Major Fitness Magazines

Are you a health and fitness writer? Looking for ways to get published in a fitness magazine? Well, getting published in a major magazine is one of the biggest steps any writer can make. The truth is, regardless of your style and topics, being an established magazine writer can help enhance your credibility. Unfortunately, it is one thing that many writers just dream of. Fortunately, it all depends on how bad you want it.

Here some tips on how to get yourself published in major fitness magazines.

  1. Practice writing

Most articles you see in magazines are written by professionals who have been writing for a long time. One fact is, magazines don’t hire beginner writes. The only way to perfect your writing is to practice consistently. If you’ve never written for anyone before, start with online writing. You can also start a blog to find out what readers think about your style. Also, you can just write for fun. The point of doing this is, to familiarize readers with your style before you start writing for them. It will also help perfect your style.

  1. Be original

The most challenging part of being a magazine writer is coming up with original content. More often, you are forced to search online for ideas to create a good article. Many writers end up using the whole idea they find online or in another magazine to create an article and hope that the readers will believe it is theirs. If you want to get published, this is one of the mistakes you must learn to avoid. If you have to use an idea from somewhere else, let your editor know and make it much better.

  1. Understand the Magazine’s audience

Before you even think of writing for a magazine, it is important to understand what kind of people the magazine is targeting. Take, for example; you want to write for a magazine that targets the ever-busy women who want to maintain their fitness. Your article won’t make sense to them if all you talk about is how to build larger muscles. So, spare some time to read the magazines. Find out the topics they are interested in and the kind of articles they’ve been writing.

  1. Be prepared for rejection

If the magazine allows you to start writing for them, always be prepared to write several articles before one of them is accepted. It can be hard, but sadly, that is what it means to be a magazine writer. More often, you will have to spend the whole night to come up with a great 1000 word article only to get remarks such as your work doesn’t flow, your work is full of typo errors or that you left out some few items. If you can’t work with your editor on this, you won’t be helping the magazine in any way.

  1. Make the life of your editor easy

Editors have a lot of work to do and may sometimes fail to find time to even go through your work. If you wait a few days to respond to an email, you will just be making their lives much harder than it is. Remember; you don’t want to annoy your editor. So, try as much as possible to make it easy for them. You can stay up late to ensure that you’ve completed your work on time.


  • Be persistence – Getting accepted to write for a magazine can take time. So, keep sending out queries and wait for a response. Free your head and workout your body; read this bodyweight burn review and decide if it’s the right workout for you.
  • Read fitness magazines – Reading will help you understand the style that works well for fitness magazines. Also, it will perfect your grammar and make you a better writer.
  • Work earlier – Don’t wait until the last hours to start writing your article. Start working on it earlier so that you can find time to go through your work to correct the mistakes.


Making your work valuable to major fitness magazines can be a task, especially if you’ve never done it once in your life. Before you even think of getting your work published, it is important to understand what the magazine is all about, what its audience are interested in and their set goals. The fact is, fitness magazines will only publish your work if you’ve addressed their needs.

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